Donald Jones, M.S.

Don worked for the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, Scientific Investigations Division, Crime Laboratory unit for 34 years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the California State University at Northridge and a Master of Science degree in Biology from California State University at San Bernardino. Don has working experience processing crime scenes and clandestine laboratories, performing forensic alcohol and controlled substance analysis, and examining serology cases using ABO typing, protein/enzyme electrophoresis, and multiple DNA methodologies. He has presented courtroom testimony in each of these disciplines. Don served as Quality Assurance Officer, DNA Technical Lead, and Supervising Criminalist during his time at the crime lab. He retired in October 2014.

Don remains active in professional activities as a member of the California Association of Criminalists since 1985, having served as Serology Study Group co-chair, Ethics Committee chair, Nominating Committee chair, and in various capacities while hosting 3 semi-annual seminars. He has, through the years, presented technical papers at CAC seminars and in September 2015 presented a paper on the proposed National Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility from the NIJ/NIST group.

He attended the SCEIG Probabilistic Genotyping workshop in Johnson County, Kansas from June 27 through June 30, 2016. Don is currently an instructor for the California Criminalistics Institute “Clothing Examination” course.

William Thompson, Ph.D

Dr. Bill Thompson is interested in the use of expert evidence in the courtroom, including forensic science, particularly forensic DNA tests, statistical testimony, and social science evidence of all types. He studies and write about the strengths and limitations of various types of evidence and about the ability of lay juries to evaluate evidence. His work is multidisciplinary, involving law, psychology, various areas of biology (particularly genetics and molecular biology), and statistics.

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Cristián Orrego, Ph.D

Cristián Orrego Benavente is Senior Research Fellow in Forensic Genetics at the Human Rights Center (HRC), UC Berkeley School of Law.

Dr. Orrego was formerly a criminalist supervisor in forensic genetics and assistant laboratory director at the Jan Bashinski DNA Laboratory, Bureau of Forensic Services (BFS), Department of Justice, State of California (CAL DOJ). He was also lead coordinator as well as instructor for DNA training courses on behalf of the California Criminalistics Institute at BFS from 2005-2009. Cristián joined the CAL DOJ Laboratory in late 1999 and is a founding member of the California-based Alliance of Forensic Scientists for Human Rights and Humanitarian Investigations. He was an adviser to the Chilean government of President Michelle Bachelet (2006–09) on scientific and technical topics related to the identification of missing persons who were victims of the military government in that country, 1973–89. In November of 2011 he helped establish the forensic program at HRC where he was co-director of the El Salvador DNA Family Reunification Project at HRC until 2014. He resides in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America where he advises human rights organizations on quality assurance in forensic genetics regarding human identification and kinship analysis. He currently provides expert advice on forensic genetics to the Appellate Court of Santiago (Corte de Apelaciones de Santiago), in Santiago, Chile.

Berch Henry, Ph.D

Dr. Berch Henry is the laboratory director of Arkansas Genomics and is responsible for the daily functions of the lab, including DNA analysis. He is a leader in his practice with over twenty five years of experience in DNA Testing.

Dr. Henry began his forensic DNA career in 1990 and has extensive experience in all methods of forensic DNA analysis. Prior to joining Arkansas Genomics, Dr. Henry held a position with the Forensic DNA Facility at North Dakota State University from 2006 thru 2010, serving as the program Director. He was also an Associate Member of the Graduate Faculty in the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Before joining NDSU he served in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Forensic Laboratory as DNA Laboratory Manager and Technical Leader from 1998 to 2006. From 1996-1998, Dr. Henry held the position of Biology Coordinator of the State DNA Forensic Program for the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences and from 1990-1996 served in the Forensic Science Division Washoe County Sheriff’s Department. During his career, he has served as an expert witness in numerous jurisdictions in several states.

From 1985-1996 Dr. Henry served on the faculty of the University Of Nevada School Of Medicine. He joined the faculty of the National Judicial College in 1990 and served in that capacity until 2005. His primary area of interest has been the study of Molecular Biology with particular emphasis on the development and uses of DNA Technology. Dr. Henry received his Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology in 1979 from University of Mississippi School of Medicine. He was awarded NIH and ACS postdoctoral Fellowships and completed four years of postdoctoral training followed by one year as Research Associate at the Cancer Research Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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