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In order to provide Lab Retriever free of charge, we are pursuing a non-commercial model to support its development and dissemination. McLaughlin Grant funds, generously allocated by the California Association of Criminalists, have supported the initial development of Lab Retriever. Funding from an NIJ grant supported further development of Lab Retriever, and production of ground truth data set to be use for research and validation.  The data set will be made publicly available in the near future.

Continued public funding will be necessary to support the scope of development, research, validation, education, and dissemination that is required to make Lab Retriever a stable long-term solution. Therefore we will continue seeking  grant funding as well as donations from the general public.

If you wish to support our work, you can donate by entering your desired donation amount and clicking the blue donate button on the right.

  • No amount is too small. Any amount will be gratefully accepted.
  • Your name will appear in a list of donors on a credit page in in the Lab Retriever manual.
    • If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know so that we may respect your wishes.
  • We won’t share your information with anyone else, ever.
    • You may receive an occasional e-mail update from us regarding the work of SCIEG.
  • 100% of your donation will go to directly support the work.
    • This may include activities such as computer programming, program design, education, research, validation and travel to professional meetings.

SCIEG is an IRS-certified 501(c)3 tax-except organization. Upon donation, you will be provided with our EIN so that you can claim your tax deduction.

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